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I’m Abbie (She/Her) and I am a queer mixed media artist. I have a cat called Isla. I work part-time in a supermarket and play Dungeons & Dragons. Nature and landscapes have definitely inspired me throughout my years as an artist, from my sculptural work to ink drawings and collages. I am passionate about exploring and using a range of different techniques to make my work. Art helps me with my mental health. It’s my way of coping and it brings me loads of joy when I create, whether it’s a finished piece or a quick sketch. I like a wide variety of artists throughout history, including Louise Bourgeois, Matisse, Picasso, and Henry Moore. I am inspired by pop art, comics, sculpture and queer culture. Films, music, and TV shows are also huge inspirations.

pets final piece.jpg
Long Distance Love - Abbie Gladwin.jpg
Continuous Line Bird - Abbie Gladwin.jpg
Goldfinch - Abbie Gladwin.jpg
Risoprint lady - Abbie Gladwin.jpg
Highlands and loch - Abbie Gladwin.jpg
Ive Got you - Abbie Gladwn.jpg
Red Squirrel - Abbie Gladwin.jpg
Are you sure - Monoprint - Abbie Gladwin