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Home Video: Seven Lessons for Quarantine

Short film made in lockdown


Words & Visuals by Catriona Stirling @catcalamitycat Music by Joseph Kay

Catriona Stirling is a Scottish writer, producer and performer. She is currently taking the Mlitt Modernities - Literature, Culture, Theory  at the University of Glasgow. After graduating with a degree in literature from the University of Cambridge in 2015, she worked as an actor in theatre, film and radio. Catriona wrote and produced four shows for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as touring internationally with theatre company, Tall Stories and performing stand-up in venues across the UK. She has worked on award-nominated audio drama productions with for BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4 as both an actor and as Production Coordinator.

Joseph Kay is a composer, sound artist and performer, born in Germany in 1992. Their work, which has been shown and played in venues around Europe and in Japan, explores the intersection of noise and queerness: what noise is, what noise does // how noise queers things, how queerness makes things noisy. They recently completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford, undertaking research on the ecological functions of noise in Helmut Lachenmann’s musique concrète instrumentale and the semiotics of action-based notation with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council.