leo valenti

mixed media artist

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My name is Leo, I'm a trans multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow. A lot of my work centres around being queer and what that is like for me as a trans man when my inner perception often differs from how I am perceived by others. I am intrigued by the human psyche and how relationships are formed.

I work a lot with mixed media, I love to explore and build up texture and I never want to limit my creativity by just sticking to one thing! 


I create art prints, zines and also take commissions alongside running Gravis, a grief themed workshop.

Leo 2 (grow).jpeg
Leo 4 (lola lemon).jpeg
Leo 3 (be free).jpeg
Leo 6 (qmg).jpeg
Leo 8 (self made).jpeg
Leo 9 (the lovers tarot).jpeg
Leo 7 (run with wolves).jpeg
Leo 5 (mask for mask).jpeg
Leo 1.jpg
Leo 10 (try again later).jpeg