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I am an Intermedia artist, working in drawing, animation, installation, and the browser. Lingering on the border between fact and fiction, contemporary art and language, my work collates prose and imagery through creative coding as well as hand-drawn animation and air-dry clay. I love to play with textures, physicality, charcoal and .gifs, pixels and ink. 

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White Mountains

White Mountains is an interactive pick-your-own-adventure-style cyber diary of a closeted queer teenage girl. Reflecting on the moldability of memories and unreliable narrators, the anonymous main character talks, confesses, and vents at the reader, while reminiscing over the nostalgia of past and future relations and events. The stories dance on the border between fact and fiction, self-mythologization and re-constructed memories. The work takes around 15 minutes to read through and may contain flashing lights.