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I'm Morgan, the owner of Honey Beads! In addition to running the shop, I'm also an international student from the US studying Psychology and Linguistics at the Uni. of Glasgow. When I was a kid, I wanted to own a bee-themed coffee shop called "The Bean's Knees." (I still might someday!) For now, that idea has grown up into Honey Beads, which I started out of my flat last year to stave off the pandemic blues. 


I make handmade polymer clay earrings (and eventually accessories and homeware.) I prioritize slow production, minimizing waste, and using 100% sustainable, plastic free packaging in all of my products. I also try to support as many other small local businesses as possible when supplying my shop, which reduces shipping waste and means I know the sources of my stock are as ethical as possible. I created Honey Beads to share pretty, whimsical designs that look great on everybody. I want my art to make people smile, and to feel inclusive for everyone! Funky, fun jewelry should be made for everybody, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or ethnicity -- and it shouldn't harm the environment in the process. 


I really love plants, little mushrooms, clouds, and of course bees -- so you'll see lots of those in my work!

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