Nella Gocal


Experimental documentary filmmaker

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project instagram: @astitva_productions


“Astitva - The belief that 'existence' exists 

co-dependently with worth and integrity of the self.” 

The pieces displayed here are excerpts and tests from ‘Astitva’, a short experimental, poetic documentary exploring Indian trans and non-binary experiences of joy and safety. Astitva challenges mainstream trans* narratives of trauma and pain by handing the camera and gaze over to trans* people, and explores their 

experiences through their art, performance, and journals. As the Director, I hope for Astitva to be empowering for both it's audience, and it's filmmakers. 

This film is for all trans and non-binary people, no matter their location, culture, or age. It's a catalyst for trans imaginations' to picture the safety, love and hope that we need so desperately, and yet also aid in acknowledging and noticing the hope and joy we have in the present.