Tales from Pussywillow.jpg

Tales from Pussy Willow + Q&A

Kate Jessop (She/Her)

Sat 20th March


Tales From Pussy Willow is a multi award-winning satirical sketch show for adult audiences. It takes the form of 3 minute sketch episodes the fictional British town of Pussy Willow. It was one of 10 international projects selected for the Berlinale Talents Project Lab, won Best Comedy series and Best LGBTQ series at London Short Series festival 2018, Best Low Budget winner at London Short Film festival 2019 where it was described as "A powerful, witty and relevant statement on what it means to be a woman today".

Scene from the Men's Toilet at a Ceilidh + Q&A

  (He/Him) Louis Norris

Sun 21st March


Rory is on familiar ground. He knows each man who comes in for a mid-dance piss, and his dad is playing the fiddle in the band. But Dan, his visiting boyfriend, couldn't be further out of place - and there's something Rory hasn't told him.