Queer Zine Making
Chris Timmins (He/Him)
Sat 20th March
1 Hour
Make your own queer zines! Join Chris for an introduction on how to make your own mini zine, and learn a brief history of the importance of zines within queer activist culture.
You will need: - paper (a4 or a3) - scissors - glue - pens/pencils/paint - old magazines to cut up / printed images of what you want to put into your zine - other decorative items such as stickers/tape/glitter - whatever you want!
Queer Zine Making PowerPoint
Make your own mini-zine at your leisure!
Leo Valenti
Sat 20th March
1 Hour

A grief themed workshop combining art and the catharsis of open dialogue, Gravis explores grief in all aspects. We will be looking at different artists and how they portray grief through their artwork, then have a discussion on what grief means to us. Everyone is encouraged to create some art or showcase something they have found portraying the theme- bring a poem, a drawing or whatever you fancy! 

We will be using the website Padlet, you do not need to download it prior it is just a link, otherwise bring yourself, and some art supplies! 

Thal Photo.jpg

Murder Mystery Writing

Thal Power (She/Her)

Sun 21st March


1 hour

Thal (she/her), seen here as a child, is in fact a 22 year old artist from Dundee. Her artwork is an attempt to manifest long-term mental well-being in herself and in those close to her. Her workshop will be an exploration of how identity can be expressed through artwork, through symbolism, dramaturgy, and comedy tropes. One of her specialities is creative writing for the purposes of entertainment, so this workshop will equip you to write your own interactive murder mystery play!

Comic Making Workshop
Comic Creators Club
Sun 21st March
1 Hour

In this workshop, organised by UofG's Comic Creators Club, you'll get a taster of what you can do with comics and what comics can do for you. We'll be highlighting the works of queer comic creators and artists, and sharing with you some tips and tricks to dive into creating comics for yourself.

Comic Creators Image.PNG

Queer Life Drawing Workshop

Callen McKeon w/ Queer Life Drawing 

Sun 21st March


2 hours

A workshop delivered as part of Glasgow University Queer Arts Festival brought to you by Queer Life Drawing as a celebration of queer bodies taking up space! 

Come to our life drawing workshop that will be for two hours and hosted by non-binary artist Callen McKeon. Callen's practice is an exploration of gender in fine art contexts and they are currently focusing on drawings of trans bodies in pencil. They run weekly life drawing sessions that occur online every Monday but they are hosting this workshop as part of the festival in order to bring you the opportunity to join in for free! 

Queer Life Drawing exists in order to raise representation of LGBTQIA+ models in both life drawing classes as well as contemporary art. A level of visibility that is especially important considering that historically speaking we have been misrepresented, underrepresented, or falsely represented in art and art history. 

This workshop is untutored, open to all abilities, and we particularly encourage absolute beginners! You will need the minimum of basic drawing tools, so pencils and paper, or any medium you wish to work in. 

Poses will start fairly short and get longer as the session goes on. We will have a short break in the middle and finish on a longer pose. 

Nic (They/Them)
Queer Life Drawing Model

Hey! I'm Nic (they/them), a fat, queer, trans-masc-ish artist living in Dundee. I've previously dabbled in clothing/underwear modelling and have been part of life drawing reference sites such as I've had this body for nearly 27 years now and we've been on quite a journey together so I'm excited for my first adventure into live life modelling!